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I think we should have an FAQ

I've been seeing a lot of the same (honest) questions popping up over and over again, such as "Isn't this illegal/unconstitutional?" "Won't this cause civil war?" "What will the currency be?" "What about American military bases?" and "This is a dumb response to a Trump presidency". I think we should maybe have one single thread to answer all of these questions so we have more space to talk about other issues and concerns.
Here would be my personal answers to these questions:
  1. Isn't this illegal/unconstitutional? Yes. But the method in which campaigns such as YesCalifornia have been planning it, there would be a long and arduous process involving approval from congress or the states. Although long, this process would be peaceful as well as perfectly legal and constitutional. First, there will be a referendum in 2019 to see if there is local support. From there (assuming California votes in favor), a supermajority in congress or a supermajority in a convention of states will grant a constitutional amendment that allows secession. Will this method be easy? No. But will it be legal? Yes.
  2. Won't this cause civil war? No. The Calexit movement is supposed to be 100% peaceful. If the US were to go to war with California, the winner of such a war would be clear (hint: it's the US) , so the best thing we can do is try to secede peacefully via a Constitutional amendment. If the US went to war with peaceful attempts, the international backlash would be immense considering the standards the US is expected to uphold in this day and age.
  3. What will the currency be? (assuming Calexit succeeds) The currency for the New California Republic could very well be the USD. The USD is actually an international currency, which means that it is perfectly fine for other countries to adopt it as their official currency without the US's consent. Independent countries like Ecuador, El Salvador, and Zimbawe all have the USD as their official currency. Source
  4. What about American military bases? (assuming Calexit succeeds) Obviously, the military bases in California are very valuable to the US government. An agreement can be established so that the US can keep their Californian bases. The US has many foreign military bases all around the world. With the proper agreement, US military bases in California can operate in the same way.
  5. This is a dumb response to a Trump presidency This isn't only about Trump's presidency. This is about the continuously divide in values and ideology between California and rest of the States. YesCalifornia has a more in depth explanation on their website. Just scroll down a bit and you'll find their '9 points for independence'.
I, of course, am no official leader of the Calexit movement or YesCalifornia. I'm just answering these questions based on the results of a bit of research and reading I've been doing.
Anyways, if I'm being honest here, I personally think that a Calexit would be highly unlikely to happen. But hey, it's worth a shot ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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