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Introduction and story time.

Howdy folks, I've been lurking for a few days. So far this seems like a great forum. A little about me and trading in my late teens me and my father tried to trade commodities with no success. I gave up on that, in the early 2000's I tried to trade forex, but made every mistake in the book, over leveraging, over trading, seeking the holy grail. A lot of my problem us that I really want to work from home, I'm not materialistic and I don't need to be "rich". In 2012 me and my family took a huge financial blow and by 2015 we were in a homeless shelter. I got us out in 2016. At one point I was supporting 8 people make 15 bucks an hour. Rent ate half my pay. Anyhow, fast forward to know. The family is doing much better financially and I have decided to learn a new trade, namely medical billing and coding, that way I can provide for my family from home. After I made that decision it freed up a LOT of mental space in my head. I don't need to risk more than one or two % on any trade, I don't need to stress about when I'll be profitable, I won't have to worry that I can't pay rent. So, I'm starting over the way I should have started 20 years ago. I'm getting Forex tester, and going to start back testing a strategy. Namely the buy sell line strat that 60minuteman posted over on Forex Factory. I know what I want to do, I want to swing trade on the 1 and 4 hour charts. I'm going to take screen shots of my winners and losers and try to build up a library of trades to review. If I can find a method that nets me a positive expectancy I will graduate to micro lots, if I'm profitable I will slowly raise my position sizes, never exceeding 2% of my account. Any and all advice is welcome, especially any advice about swing trading or psychology. Thanks for reading. Royce.
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JUNIOR MARKET WINNERS — NOV 2015 TO NOV 2016. Percentage Gain (J$) Start price. Close price. Honey Bun (1982) Ltd 427.43% 1.13 5.96. Paramount Trading (Jamaica) Ltd 330.23% 0.86 3.70 The winners usually live in the moment, and are aware of the current scenario, take quick decisions and make profits. Taking cues from online trading houses and forex brokers, decisions need to be made on the spot to ensure a profit. Just like in life, having a balance is important; profit and loss is all part of the trading process ... The ongoing oil price slump has more or less morphed into a complete rout, with profound long term implications for the industry as a whole and worrying short term concerns for some if not all. I identified my biggest winners and losers to discuss them here. Despite the setbacks of the losses, at the end of 2016, my portfolio was 26.5% higher than at the end of 2015. Q4 And Beyond: Potential Winners and Losers For the fourth quarter of 2015, I expect earnings of consumer discretionary stocks and consumer staples, such as Amazon, Home Depot (N: HD ), Nike (N: NKE ) and Starbucks (O: SBUX ), to outperform, while industrials which are sensitive to the global growth outlook, like Caterpillar (N: CAT ) and Deere (N: DE ) will underperform. Markets in 2016 - the winners and losers Read full article A man looks at a screen displaying news of markets update inside the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai, India, February 11 ... GRAPHIC-Markets in 2016 - the winners and losers. Read full article. December 29, 2016, 5:17 AM . By Vikram Subhedar and Jamie McGeever. LONDON, Dec 29 (Reuters) - Oil's plunge to its lowest in ...

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Winners versus Losers: How can a Trader Improve his Trading Skills?

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